Site Fees

FY2015 Site Fees

As presented at the AURA Site Users' meeting on December 3, 2014, NOAO-South has established the fees to be charged for FY2015 after a detailed review of the services and costs for operations for the fiscal year.   These fees are effective as of October 1, 2014.  Additional information about the services is available in the Service Level Agreement document, and the model for calculation of fees is discussed in the presentations for the AURA Site Users' Meeting in December 2014.

Table of FY2015 NOAO-S Fees for AURA Site Users

FY2014 Site Fees

As discussed in FY2013, the operations of the shared infrastructure on the AURA Observatory site in Chile are the responsibility of NOAO-South, the "service provider" for the site facility operations.  After carrying out a thorough review of the services provided to all user of the site, NOAO-South has established the fees to be charged for FY2014.   These fees are effective as of October 1, 2013.  Additional information about the services and the calculation of fees will be presented at the AURA Site Users' Meeting 2013/2014.

Table of FY2014 NOAO-S Fees for AURA Site Users

FY2013 Site Fees

The 2013 fiscal year brings various changes to the administration and facilities groups at AURA Observatory in Chile.  As of October 1, 2012, the administration group in Chile will be managed by AURA as part of a global administration support effort across all of the NSF-funded AURA facilities (NOAO, Gemini, LSST, NSO/ATST), while the facilities operations services will continued to be provided by NOAO-South, as they have been since 2009.  These changes will have a significant impact on the structure of the cost model that has been used to calculate fees.  NOAO-South is undertaking a thorough review of the cost model, as described in the 2012 AURA Site Users meeting.

In order to provide a stable fee basis for 2013 while the cost model is reviewed and changes in the cost model are implemented, the most of the fees for 2013 were simply scaled by 5%, which reflects the combination of Chilean inflation for 2012 (4.4%) together with increased labor costs (that went up by inflation+1%).  The exceptions are a lower 2% increase in the share fees, and significant decreases in the census fees.  The resulting rates for 2013 are provided below.

Table of FY2013 Site Fees

Presentation of FY2013 Site Fees


FY2012 Site Fees

The A&F budget for the fiscal year 2012 was prepared taking into consideration the financial constraints that are affecting both NOAO and tenant budgets. The budget shows a net increase of 4.2% in relation to the previous fiscal year budget, This increase is mainly explained by the inflation in Chile over the last year (4.2%) and increased labor costs driven in large part by the effect of the collective contract. We have projected cost increases at this level through FY 2012.
The Fees for FY 2012 have been determined by using this budget together with projected demands on per use services to obtain fees that cover the anticipated costs without allowing extreme variations in key fees. Critical fees for most tenants show changes of from 0% to 7%, as shown in the FY2012 Site Fee table below. 

 In order to understand the variations of these rates from the rates used during FY11, we encourage you to read through our Budget Briefing report attached to this page.

Previous Year Site Fees